Whole Collection of Adventerra Games Wins Hot Diggity Awards

Adventerra Games was thrilled recently to win a Hot Diggity Award for each of its four educational and environmental board games.

Hot Diggity is a national seal-of-approval program that evaluates hundreds of family and pet products each year, awarding only the best of the best with a Hot Diggity Award. Its seal signifies innovation, quality, entertainment and/or educational value and a commitment to excellence.

We appreciate the recognition for our games and thank Hot Diggity for the awards!

What makes Global Warning Hot Diggity great: “EVERYONE is talking about global warming. And this game really breaks down the problems and the solutions. Rules are complex, so keep the rulebook handy, though one winner is crowned at the end of the game, the team works together to keep the global warning index number down.”

What makes Recycle Rally Hot Diggity great: “A board game with purpose! …[T]eaching children and their parents about the importance of sorting garbage and recycling. Rules are simple, with an alternate version for older kids and all board game components are sturdy with whimsical illustrations. Kids can apply what they learn from this board game to how they sort trash at home.”

What makes WaterGame Hot Diggity great: “Another fun board game from Adventerra Games that teaches…about water conservation and teamwork. Players learn facts about water while learning how to conserve and use water wisely. There’s also a teamwork component to the game where players can help others who are running short on supplies.”

What makes PowerHaus Hot Diggity great: “…Adventerra Games took the fundamentals of a board game and applied it to real life to teach energy conservation skills. Players learn how to make home improvements to save energy and become quickly aware that carelessly using energy can have costly consequences. Cards will encourage players to think about how they can save energy in their homes.”

We appreciate the recognition for our games and thank Hot Diggity for the awards!