Adventerra Games Win Two Tillywig Awards

Adventerra Games Win Two Tillywig Awards

The team at Adventerra Games was so excited to be honored with two Tillywig “Top Fun” Awards. Global Warning and PowerHaus were both honored with this award and were also featured in the Tillywig Holiday Gift Guide. We are proud that our games are educational, and many families recognize that as their primary reason for using them. However, sometimes it’s kind of fun to be recognized for our entertainment factor!

Here’s why Global Warning won a Tillywig Top Fun Award, according to their website at

In this terrifically fun and highly social board game, players have the pleasure of turning the tide on global warming by solving environmental issues with combinations of cards from their hands. Meanwhile, the board’s global warming indicator ticks ominously upward to reflect risks associated with problem cards that remain unresolved at the end of each round, motivating players to work cooperatively towards a common goal. For if the global warming index reaches 75 before any player achieves sufficient points to win, it’s game over and EVERYONE loses! It is rare to encounter such a satisfying blend of lighthearted interplay and real-world relevance in a board game. The environmental issues detailed on the cards are very real, and among the many benefits of playing Global Warning is the way in which these problems, solutions and the costs associated with them remain entrenched in players’ awareness well after any given game is over. Global Warning comes with game board, dice, 87 solution cards, 57 problem cards, banknotes, temperature indicator disk and illustrated rules. For 4 to 7 players!

And here is why PowerHaus won a Tillywig Top Fun Award:

This outstanding, family-friendly board game teaches kids the money- and planet-saving benefits of adopting energy-efficient habits and the disastrous downsides of perpetuating energy-wasting ones! In PowerHaus, players assume the roles of friends who have purchased a heat-leaking, budget-busting house together. After being bankrolled 1,500 Adventcoin each, they take turns moving around the board, reading and acquiring cards that detail energy-saving or energy-wasting behaviors. These are practical tips with real-world applications kids readily embrace, the knowledge of which carries over into day-to-day life long after play is over. Players practice math skills throughout, adding and subtracting values displayed on cards in their possession at the start of each turn in order to determine the net sum they must pay or receive from the bank. There are also Energy Smart Buttons that bestow special powers, Service Cards that take an immediate financial bite but improve future cash flow, and lots of other fine touches that add to players’ enjoyment while serving to cultivate agile, informed minds! Includes game board, 67 game cards, 4 movement tokens, 4 marker disks, 3 dice, banknotes and illustrated rules. For 3 to 4 players.

Tillywig’s mission is to provide retail buyers, news media, parents, and consumers with product information and reviews of superior children’s products available in today’s marketplace.

Following is Tillywig’s awards evaluation criteria and process so you can see what it takes to win:

In order to do well in our process, a product must be determined by Tillywig and any testers we may use to have high entertainment and/or educational value. When assessing these values, our focus is on evaluating many factors, including:

Ease of First Use: Clear, easy-to-understand instructions and product design are key factors in creating a positive initial experience.

Replay Value: It was fun the first time out, but will it be equally or even more enjoyable over a period of weeks, months…years?

Quality/Appearance: Does it look and feel well-made? Is it something retailers would be proud to have on their shelves, a parent would be proud to give as a gift? Is it, from all appearances, built to last?

Social Interaction/Fun Factor: Products that effectively promote a high level of face-to-face playful interaction receive a high rating from us. If participants laughed out loud, so much the better!

Creativity: Does it inspire creativity during use/play? Does this product actively fuel the imagination?

Thought Processes/Motor Skills: Does it encourage new ways of thinking or promote physical development?

Weighting of Criteria: The degree to which we consider some of the above criteria depends, in part, on what we feel the product presents itself to be. If it appears to be an educational product, then we will more heavily weigh factors relating to learning and development. If a product presents itself as a family or party game, we will more heavily weigh factors relating to social interaction and playfulness. If the packaging and instructions seem to be communicating one thing, and the product turns out to be quite another, then the product will not be selected for a Tillywig award.

We thank Tillywig for the honor and couldn’t be prouder.