Adventerra Games North America Honored by NAPPA Awards

Adventerra Games North America is grateful to be honored by the NAPPA Awards (National Parenting Product Awards.)


“At NAPPA Awards our focus is family and our mission is simple — find and showcase the best toys, baby and family products. We have been celebrating the best for 30 years! The industry knows and respects us and parents trust us. As one of the longest running awards programs in the country, we are the “go-to” source for parents and professionals seeking the best products for their children and families.”

  • NAPPA’s recognition is more than just a seal of approval — it means that a product has been carefully judged and deemed “best in its class” by expert judges, parent and child testers, and product reviewers.
  • We are not a “pay-to-play” program, and as a result, the value of a NAPPA award is widely recognized and highly respected within the product industries. NAPPA is respected by the industry and trusted by families.
  • NAPPA is the exclusive product evaluator for L.A. Parent magazine, reaching 200,000 families each month. NAPPA is the only awards program that has a media reach in both print and digital platforms.
  • Parents look at NAPPA’s winning results as a valuable shopping guide delivered by familiar and trusted local parenting magazines and websites.

In announcing the awards for Adventerra Games, NAPPA said,

“We are excited for this environmentally-focused game series from Adventerra Games. There are four board games in the series including: Global Warning, PowerHaus, Recycle Rally and WaterGame.”

They quoted their evaluators about why they loved our games and why all four won the award:

“These games are great for families (family game night) and for teachers (great for rainy days or a treat for a small group of students).”

“We like that these games teach collaboration and working toward a common goal.”

“Fun to play and educational”

“Teaches strategy and critical thinking skills”

“In the Global Warning Game, important issues such as solid waste, deforestation, nuclear energy, water pollutions, oil spills, acid rain, CO2, smog and greenhouse gases are covered.”

“In the PowerHaus Game logical methods to save energy are presented and players are encouraged to make new habits (e.g., turn off the water when you brush your teeth, put on a sweater instead of turning up the heat, hang laundry to dry rather then use the dryer) and to make good choices. There are a lot of math skills in this game, which is a great bonus.”

Thanks again to NAPPA for these great honors!