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Let’s get to know each other!
We are Adventerra Games: people who share a passion for games, a love for nature, and attention to detail. Our company was founded in Switzerland, but our products are popular all over the world.  Our educational games are completely unique: they are designed to make children aware of environmental issues through actions and concrete examples (waste reduction, recycling, use of renewable energy, etc.).

We take playing seriously
We monitor the development of every game – from design to prototyping, playtests with children and production. We opt for environmentally friendly raw materials (both recycled and recyclable), and instead of plastic, we use sustainable wooden pieces and biodegradable film made from sugar cane so you can feel good about our games and puzzles!

Design, education, and fun!
Choosing games by Adventerra Games means believing, like us, in a pollution-free future in which human beings can live in harmony with the planet and its animals.  Choosing Adventerra Games means trusting Swiss design, which has always been recognized for its quality, precision, and reliability.

Choosing our games means teaching children to respect the environment, as well as helping them to develop math, logic, science, and social skills. Our products have been used in schools for over 15 years and we can therefore offer games that are rich in educational content, while also being really fun!

Adventerra Games
strongly identifies
with the “17 sustainable development goals” approved by the United Nations

United Nations’ 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development

Owner / Chief Game Inventor

Brain Mundell

Bryan Mundell

Winner of Over 70 Awards!